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Telephone: 00356 21337225/8


  • Considering terminating your membership?

  • We are unable to refund any payments for the part use of your annual membership.  Your membership will remain active until we have received the resignation form that your assigned prefixes have been removed from the supply chain, and you have received confirmation from GS1 Malta that your account has been closed.

  • Once your account has been closed, we will return all your assigned prefixes to us. As agreed when you became a GS1 Malta member, it is important that you immediately stop using any of the GS1 identifiers and barcodes, since continuing to use them could lead to duplication problems for GS1 Malta members.

  • For this reason GS1 Malta ,in co-operation with its members, actively monitors all barcodes currently in use and will take action if any barcodes are discovered that appear to meet the General GS1 Specifications, but are not registered with GS1. 





Should you decide to resign, you will need to submit completed resignation form to the Member Support Team at /

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GTIN Management

The Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) Management Standard is designed to help industry make consistent decisions about the unique identification of trade items in open supply chains

Decision-Support Tool

Use it to understand when to change a GTIN used within open retail supply chains.